Planning Services

Planning Services

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Our firm has a depth of knowledge in many aspects of the business, estate, and financial world. Our goal is to work closely with our clients and look holistically at their business and personal goals, objectives, and planning needs. From there we are able to establish and track a financial game plan to include risk planning, monitoring of both pre-tax and after-tax savings plans, investment management, retirement distribution, and estate planning. We work with our clients on a multi-generational level and provide continuity for many years, including through retirement and helping to ensure the financial success of each generation.


Together we will identify your personal goals. We will then design and implement a financial plan to help you achieve them. We will monitor your progress on a regular basis to ensure your plan evolves as your needs and circumstances change.

Investment Philosophy

Our portfolios are designed to strive for long term success. An investment strategy should be aligned to match each client’s specific goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance. This is not a “one size fits all” approach. Accounts are invested based on the goal for those particular assets. Our approach is to design portfolios using a multiple asset class strategy to help achieve optimal risk adjusted return for their designated purpose and timeframe, based on your needs and goals.

Retirement Planning

One of the most important goals for our clients is to protect their lifestyle in retirement. It starts with assessing our clients’ current financial situation. We work with them to define their retirement goals and prepare an analysis to compare their current situation with those goals. We then recommend, implement, and monitor solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Distribution Planning

Our clients utilize their assets for various needs such as education, major purchases, and retirement income. Because we track our clients’ balance sheets and investment accounts, we are able to coordinate and prioritize which assets should be used for specific needs. In retirement, we manage the distribution from a variety of assets to help clients create an ongoing, tax efficient income stream.

Estate, Gift, and Charitable Planning

There are two major elements in the estate planning process: risk management and wealth transfer. Risk management incorporates insurance planning, beneficiary arrangements, and working with an attorney to establish appropriate estate planning documents. Wealth transfer includes the tax efficient transfer of assets, gifts to individuals, and charitable estate planning. For our clients who have exceeded their retirement goals, wealth transfer becomes one of their most important objectives. We work closely with our clients, estate planning attorneys, and CPAs to help ensure that their goals are met.

Business Planning

For business we provide expertise in a variety of areas including employee and executive benefits. We help business owners focus on plan design, investment management, employee education, and compliance. We also work to design and implement programs such as key person life insurance, funding of buy-sell agreements, business succession planning, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, qualified retirement plans, and 401k plans.